• PM-3008R

    Professional Fast RJ45 plug Cuts-Crimps Tool
    FAST Crimping / Cutting tool

    *COMPATIBLE for Fast (Pass Through) Plug and 8P8C Standard Plug

    * Length: 8” (203+/-3mm)      

    * Material: Carbon Steel / Aluminum Alloy / TPR Plastic

    * Weight: 420g    

    * With Ratchet


    *Features  &  Benefits

    * Attached 2 spare blades , and patented !

    * Special design for blades , it can cut the wire neatly and will not have surplus edge,  the life time of blade is more than 5000 times.

    *Dimension range of cutting wire 0.85~1.05mm
      (** Remark: Under normal operating methods** )


    Fast Tool DM
    Fast Tool Drawing
    PMC Pass Through PLUG & TOOL V.S. Other Brand Comparison
    Fast Tool DM-1
    Compatible Plugs and Boot items
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